Blush Noir Flinch Crop
Blush Noir Flinch Crop

Blush Noir
Flinch Crop


With a snap, the Blush Noir Flinch Crop tells you what's coming. This vegan leather crop features split strips at the tip—for an exciting sound, and a stingy feel.

The Noir Flinch Crop is a stylish way to explore impact: from soft slaps to hard, flinching stings. The wrapped handle and wrist loop provide more secure grip.

  • Crop with a resounding snappy sound
  • Split tips slap together
  • Builds anticipation
  • Slim, wrapped handle
  • Wrist loop for security
  • Made of vegan leather

Dimensions: 18 inch total length; 3 inch long x 1.5 inch wide tip