Mia's October Pick

October always brings happy memories of snuggling under a blanket on cool nights. During the day, I like to nap on the porch.

I know many of you are struggling to get through this difficult time. You may have loved ones who are sick or have died from this awful and highly contagious disease. I send cat love and deep purrs your way.

To help you get through these challenging times, I am giving a FREE Vedo Quiver vibe with every Vedo Wanda wand massager purchase. That is a $33 gift from your favorite black cat. As a bonus treat, I will cover USPS Priority shipping.

Stay safe and please wear a mask.

Love always,




Meet Mia

Mia's Picks

The cat's meow at AW Sex Products is literally a cat. Mia has many responsibilities at AW; including, keeping the staff calm during stressful periods, scheduling afternoon naps, and being our cute mascot. Although, her most important responsibility is selecting a favorite toy each month. Mia's picks are guaranteed to make you purr.