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The global brand Svakom began in 2012 with a goal to develop superior sex toys guided by excellence and innovation. From my perspective, the Svakom team has achieved that goal. Of course, exciting new products continue to be introduced with no letup in sight.

Until recently, it was difficult to find the entire range of Svakom products in the United States. That all changed when a distribution deal was reached with one of the leading adult pleasure product distributors in the United States. With that deal in place, AW Sex Products is excited to offer Svakom pleasure products as an authorized Svakom retailer.

While Svakom products are innovative, technologically advanced, and durable, they are affordable. This makes Svakom a great brand for budget conscious men and women seeking high-quality toys that are fun to use. By fun, I mean wildly satisfying. Svakom is all about pleasure.

Svakom is not all just fun, games, and orgasms. Nova Kegal Balls help to strengthen a woman’s PC muscles. This is especially helpful for women who have a weakened pelvic floor after childbirth.”Nova includes three sets of silicone kegel balls. The balls gradually increase in weight for different exercise needs. In fact, Svakom has developed an exercise regime to help women improve their health while bringing sexual benefits and satisfaction.

A great couples toy is the Svakom Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator. The moving fingers caress, stimulate, and massage in a soft and gentle manner. The Nymph is super versatile for both enhancing foreplay and stimulating powerful orgasms. Let your imagination run wild with the Nymph.

Speaking of versatile, the Svakom Anya is a flexible warming vibrator designed for vaginal and anal use. When you combine flexibility, warmth, twenty-six different vibration frequencies, and a ribbed shaft, you can be assured ecstatic pleasure is the end game. Oh, Anya is also splashproof.

Prostate massagers and stimulators come in all sizes, shapes, and styles from dozens of different brands. Even Svakom offers almost a dozen different anal and prostate stimulators. A favorite and top seller is Vick. This waterproof dual motor vibrator has a remote control for couples play or just to make it easier to control when playing alone. There are seven different vibrating modes, each with five levels of intensity – plus the Svakom intelligent mode. Vick is designed with the perfect angle to massage the perineum as well as the prostate.

All Svakom products are made of body-safe silicone, they are rechargeable and whisper quiet, and only environmentally friendly materials are used in their construction.

This is just a glimpse of the over forty Svakom products available at AW Sex Products. For the best prices and free shipping anywhere in the USA, visit


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