Should You Buy A Male Masturbator Made from Porous Materials?

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Male masturbators are commonly made of Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) or Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). Masturbators made from TPR, TPE, and blends using TPR and TPE, have a soft, velvety finish which aims to make stimulation feel more like being with a real partner. In fact, the look and feel of these masturbators closely mimics real human skin. The downside is that these materials are porous, they absorb bodily fluids, and they are unsafe for your body if not used properly.

If toys made of porous materials TPR and TPE are unsafe for your body, why are they manufactured and sold? This is a challenging question to answer fully. The main factors include a lack of government regulations and the difficulty of silicone (a body safe material) to offer the realistic feel that TPR and TPE materials do.

For the foreseeable future, leading brands like Tenga, Fleshlight, and Doc Johnson, will continue to manufacture male masturbators made from porous materials. The masturbators sold by these (and other) brands are hugely popular. These products offer a solo experience that many men consider as close to sex with a partner as possible.

According to many bloggers, sex toy reviewers, and social media commentators, you should never buy a sex toy made from unsafe materials, such as TPR and TPE. With very few silicone male masturbators manufactured (and their pleasure factor arguably lower than a TPR and TPE masturbator), what is a man to do?

Rather than swearing off masturbation, follow these simply steps and using your favorite masturbator is not likely to result in death or illness:

  • Never buy a product that is not phthalate free
  • Only buy masturbators from leading brands (avoid cheap knock-off Chinese manufactured products)
  • Never, ever loan your masturbator to anyone
  • Only use water-based lubes
  • Always clean your masturbator with warm water and an antibacterial soap (or with a toy cleaner) after every use
  • Due to the porous nature of the material, there is a high possibility that bacteria and fluids will remain after cleaning. Keep this in mind when using your toy with a partner. Watching is fine, sharing is not.
  • Replace the masturbator when it shows signs of danger looming – weird smell, change in feel, and degrading of the material

Bottom line - do not be afraid to buy a masturbator made from porous materials. Just buy smart and play safe. And, most importantly, have fun.

Our goal at AWSexProducts is to offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of a diverse market.  All of the products we sell are phthalate free. We carefully research the brands and products we sell. Our Materials Policy is published in our store. Yet, we leave the final buying decision up to the consumer. Sex toys should bring pleasure and the buying process should be fun – not fearful.

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