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A study by the renowned Cleveland Clinic in May 2020 found that adult coloring books help people relax. This study found three specific benefits for adults coloring:

  1. Attention flows away from ourselves. – we focus on coloring rather than the stress in our lives
  2. It relaxes the brain. when your brain focuses on coloring, the brain relaxes
  3. Low stakes make it pleasurable. there are no rules to follow; just have fun and color

There are numerous other studies that state additional healthful benefits of adult coloring. There seems to be no disputing that it is a good thing when adults pick up a crayon or a colored pencil and start coloring.

As a purveyor of adult pleasure products, I am naturally curious about the benefits of adults coloring in erotic, provocative, and ‘naughty’ coloring books. Sadly, after an exhaustive search I found no scientific articles about the health benefits of coloring in erotic coloring books.

Not to worry. I did my own non-scientific research and determined there are five primary benefits to coloring in erotic, provocative, and ‘naughty’ coloring books.

  1. Attention flows away from your daily stress and toward NSFW thoughts. – You will forget about work crap, Covid 19, crazy siblings, and how to pay the mortgage this month. Instead, your mind will take you on a fantasy journey while your inner creative self wakes up from a deep sleep.
  2. Your brain doesn’t relax. – Instead, your brain becomes aroused as you explore the naughtiness of your coloring.
  3. You will learn new things. – Depending on the coloring book, you will learn new sex positions, expand your vocabulary, discover new pubic hair styles, and many more highly useful things.
  4. Unplugging from technology promotes creation over consumption. – Coloring only requires non-tech crayons or pencils and a simple coloring book. Yet, I hope you get so aroused that you order a new toy from my store.
  5. Anyone can enjoy coloring. - You do not need artistic talent – just a slightly warped mind – to enjoy coloring in erotic, provocative, and ‘naughty’ coloring books.

Convinced that it is time to get an adult coloring book, some crayons, and have real fun? If not, just remember that coloring is fun solo, with a partner, or even as a party activity. In fact, what could be more exciting as a date night activity than a pizza, your favorite beverage, and a coloring book?

AW Sex Products offers a great selection of erotic, provocative, and ‘naughty’ coloring books. Send us a photo of your creation and we will post it in a future blog post.

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